HGMtv Crew On The Road For Summer

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The recent hi octane HGMtv Helicopter/Tow Surf shoot is just one of the epic sequences shot for the forthcoming second series of Homegrown Maniacs TV.

We've score big time on the surf front. With two mind blowing sessions at the deadly Black Rainbow and countless sessions of gold around the Australian coast.

We've gone deep undercover to a mythical skatebowl for the filming of a music video with legendary punk band "Suicidal Tendencies".

We've called up the sexy girls from Illicit Ink, kicked the door down of a suburban house, built a minibike track through the guts of it, dragged metal band "Death Dependent" in to the kitchen to play and tore the place to shreds just for kicks.

Then theres the usual HGMtv FMX madness, the madness of the Bossen Shanti Party, some epic onboard footage and of course plenty of eye candy.

Keep an eye on the website and of course our facebook page for updates on the world of the Homegrown Maniacs...


Clinton Moore Ready To Smash a 720 for X Games FMX Best Trick


Australian Freestyle Motocross rider Clinton Moore has been invited to make his return to X Games this year to compete in Freestyle MX Best Trick and perform one of the biggest tricks ever, the 720 degree spin.

Clinton narrowly missed a podium place in 2010 X Games Best Trick with a Volt to Seat Grab body varial combo, and in 2011 Clinton made the toughest decision of his career to pull out of X Games due to shoulder surgery.

Sick HGMtv Helicopter Surf Tow Session

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Written & Filmed by Holtzy
Helicopter provided by Specialist helicopters
It's been a good month or two for waves so what do you do for kicks when the conditions are perfect but the swells down?

Well the HGMtv crew decided it was time to gather the top West Oz junior surfers, a couple of jetski's and the sickest extreme sport helicopter pilot around then throw them at crystal clear, deep south beachies for an unforgettable session.

Kimberley Jay

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If you've seen a smoking hot blonde lurking around the FMX shows in West Oz lately then chances are you've seen Kimberly Jay. 23 yr old Kim, a research officer in Perth, is the better half of up and coming West Oz FMX rider Brayden Davies who loves nothing better than watching her man bust big over 75ft.