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HGMtv Downhill Mountain Bike Shoot


Story by Holtzy Photos by Matt & Markland at

HGMtv is not all about crazy FMX and big waves. It's going to have lots of other stuff like BMX, MTB skate and anything else we like the look of. So when Downhill film guru Sam Davies flew to West Oz to film some scenes for his next movie the crew at HGMtv were all over it. Now for you out there who dont know West Oz produces more World Class level riders than just about anywhere else in the world. We have the World Downhill Champ Sam Hill and the star of this days shoot- Margaret Rivers Mitch Delfs - is roughly rated around fourth in the World juniors.

The location of the shoot is the Nannup National trail. So named because it was the venue for the National Titles a few years ago. It's a fast 2-3min long trail with heaps of tight corners through a beautiful pine forest (Home to the good old Magic Mushrooms in winter time), a couple of jumps and a wicked three stage rock step down section.

Armed with an array of cameras, helmet cameras, special boom mounts, tripods and a host of other gear the boys from Launch Helmet cams had their work cut out for them as they were the pack mules while Sam and Holtzy filmed and Mitch repeatedly hammered section after section before walking back up the steep trail to do it all again. HGMtv concentrated on filming what went on behind the scenes as much as the action itself hence the photos you see of Holtzy standing in the background capturing the whole scene.

The end result is a couple of great stories for HGMtv and another epic section in the can for Sam's new movie TIA (This Is Australia) due to be released around August this year. We will keep you informed about when TIA is out and where you can get it.

Pic Above: Mitch Takes on the crazy three stage rock step down at high speed. Pic Below: Holtzy filming the boys at work

More photos from the shoot can be found here