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New talent discovered at the Valyside ‘Under the Fender’ Freestyle MX Coaching clinic

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Western Australian clothing brand; Valyside Apparel, hosted the impressive first Freestyle MX coaching event on Saturday, July 9th, and in doing so, discovered the next generation of Freestyle MX stars with S & S FMX Coaching’s Matt Schubring and Steve Sommerfeld.

The sold-out freestyle coaching event exceeded all expectations, and delivered not just a great course, but a relaxed environment that each of the riders were inspired to learn new aspects of jumping, trick development and some riders learning to jump a Freestyle ramp for their first time.

Based in Queensland, Schubring and Sommerfeld had received many requests from Western Australian riders interested in S & S FMX Coaching, but it was a partnership with Valyside Apparel and Red Bull that the ‘Under the Fender’ coaching idea would become a reality. It is also the first FMX Coaching clinic run under Motorcycling Australia’s insurance umbrella, one that helps coaches to work more professionally with riders.

The ‘Under the Fender’ coaching clinic was built with a specially designed Freestyle MX course featuring three metal ramps from small distances of 45 feet up to competition size 75 feet, which were all built by DirtShape WA. Steve and Matt also delved into all aspects of the industry including; obtaining sponsors, entering competitions, and how to set up bikes.

“This was definitely one of the best coaching days Schuie and I have been part of. Valyside have spent a lot of time and effort to build the course, and turn it into an event. Not to mention Red Bull bringing in a DJ to give us music all day in the lounge area beside the course. The riding was also equally as impressive, from the beginners to the advanced riders, everyone took home something from the day” Sommerfeld said.

Schubring, who has been one of Australia’s best riders for the past decade was equally impressed with the quality of riders coming out of the day. “We saw some guys really step it up and a few names to watch will be Daniel Ford, Jake Holloway and Callum Hodgins. But not only that, every single rider on the day had improved dramatically, with riders jumping a ramp who have never even tried before, and seeing other riders advance from the smaller jump up to 60 feet and 75 feet” Schubring explained.

With the huge success of the first Valyside FMX coaching day, there are already plans to create this into a regular coaching series in WA and to replicate the format in other states of Australia.

Under the Fender could not have possibly happened without great support from Valyside Apparel, Red Bull, KTM, DirtShape WA, FreeriderMX Magazine and Liquid Surf.

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