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HGMtv House Demolishing Squad


Story & Photos by Holtzy
When a Mr Wayne Arther Kerr emailed us here at HGM and reckoned we weren't hardcore we thought it was time to pay Wayne Kerr a visit at his home to confront him and find out what his problem was.

Unfortunatly for Mr Kerr he wasn't home so we got on the phone to the crew at Bossen Apparel plus the Cause For Concern minibike team, hard rockers Death Dependant and our favourite all girls home demolishing team from Illicit Ink Promotions and called a party. The venue of course being Mr Kerr's currently unoccupied house somewhere in suburban Bunbury, West Oz.

The Cause For Concern minibike crew wasted no time cutting in a minibike track around the back yard, through the back door into the kitchen then out one of the bedrooms onto the front verandah before smashing through some latticework and onto the big straight down the side of the house.

Death Dependant meanwhile set up their guitars and drums in the only part of the kitchen that wasn't a minibike track and proceeded to belt out some heavy tracks that scarred the elderly neighbors into an early grave.

While this was going on the HGMtv graffiti artists punked the walls and the Illicit Ink girls smashed them down proving once and for all who's hardcore.

Of course it was all caught on film for a future HGMtv show and like all good HGMtv shoots it wasn't complete without the cops and fire brigade coming along to shut it down and arrest a few people. As soon as we manage to post bail we will be at it again...
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