Holtzy's Diary

September 16 2011

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Location: Home, Deep South WA
It's been a loooooonnnnnnngggggg tttttiiiiiimmmmeeeee since my last diary entry but I've been inspired by a pretty awesome winter of waves to really get stuck back into things.

Winter is not a great time for filming most extreme sports but for big wave surfing it's the prime time so I have really focused on filming surf while the swell has been big and the rewards have been spectacular.

Holtzy's Epic Boat Trip Pt Three

Holtzy with Chinaman.jpg

Location: Exmouth, West Oz

Well I’m here. Exmouth, home of the biggest fish on the planet and a favourite place for me to hang and enjoy life.
I’ve been here for a few weeks now, The whale sharks have been everywhere and life has been good. Lots of 15 hour days work but they have been good days.
The highlight of the last leg of the boat trip was of course my epic battle with a mystery fish. It took an hour of fighting and a lot of luck went my way but eventually I landed the fish you see on the film.

Holtzy's Epic Boat Trip Pt Two


Thursday March 18 2010
Location: The Bluff, Secret Location, Nor West WA

It’s nice when a plan comes together. We left the Abrollus a couple of days ago. Stayed overnight in the stretch of water between Dirk Hartog Island and the mainland and kept cruising until we arrived at The Bluff late arvo to be greeted by super fun 3-5ft lefts peeling down the famous headland.

Holtzy's Epic Boat Trip Pt One

Holtzy mackeral.jpg

Tuesday March 16 2010
Location: The Abrollus Islands- 40km’s off the West Oz coast

Well it’s been a mission but finally I can kick back and relax. The last couple of weeks have been chaos. In between working, surfing and saying last goodbyes to friends and family I have been non stop trying to organise my life for the annual move to Exmouth for the whale shark season.

March 4 2010


Location : My Mum's, Capel WA
Holtzy’s diary is back!!! Did you miss me???? Haha unlikely. I’m back- partially by popular demand (My mum wanted to know what I’d been up to) and partially ego driven (I like the sound of my own voice- even if it’s in writing).
So from here on if you want to know the real behind the scenes highs and lows of HGM then this is the page for you.

Diary Entry December 5 2008


What a hectic month it has been! It all started when I picked up my good friend and HGMtv presenter- Bushy- from the airport then drove 7 hours straight to Kalgoorlie for the last leg of the Revolution Tour. In between commentating the FMX and shooting stories for the show we did some pretty solid partying over a couple of nights and then drove 11 hours from Kalgoorlie to Margaret River on very little sleep at all. It was actually only a nine hour trip but we got lost taking a short cut haha.

September 20 2008


Location: The Office, Perth

Well the wheels of HGMtv world domination continue to be oiled. Since I came back from Gnaraloo I’ve been averaging 10 hours a day on the computer and a couple of hours on the phone. Starting from October I have heaps of shoots to do, particularly FMX. Theres one big hush hush special shoot too that’s going to be really cool if we can pull it off.

August 25 2008


August 25, 2008 Location: The Office, Perth[b]

Bloody hell who made it so cold since I left?! I’m always a little depressed at this time of year having just left the warmth and special lifestyle of Exmouth for the cold city For one or two reasons I’m probably a little worse than last year but at the same time I’m really excited about the work to come. Theres a lot behind the scenes that goes into making a TV show believe me.

Diary Entry August 3 2008


Location: Pommie Nicks place, Exmouth, North West Oz

Well it’s been a bloody long time since I did a diary entry but there has been plenty of good reasons why.

Firstly I have just come off of four months almost non stop work filming whale sharks. I basically spend around 8-10hrs on the boat filming and another 4-6 hours editing the footage pretty much 13 days out of 14. It’s a full on job but one I really love. On any given day you never know what cool stuff you are going to see and I really love working on the ocean.

January 9 2007

Diary Entry January 9 2007 Location: The Office, Perth

Well another hectic month on the path to HGM World Domination. I've been working hard on the pilot for the HGMtv show and it should be finished completely within a week or so. It features FMX, Huge Surf, Mountain Biking, Crashes and Chicks so there's plenty there for everyone.

With the help of the boys at punk band 3 Days Later we wrote and recorded a HGMtv theme song. It's one minute of killer punk. I love it. I've always wanted a HGM theme song. For some reason it makes me feel like we've made it haha.