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Search For A Skin Babe Final


Story by HGMtv Photos by PhotoCaro/ and X Ray

After a couple of weeks of intense competition and even more intense partying it came down to the big final showdown at Liquids Niteclub in Rockingham to see just who is the West Oz Skin Babe for 2007.

Once again a plethora of hot ladies graced the stage and plenty more mixed it on the dance floor leaving plenty of the boys with sore necks from checking all the action. As always the HGMtv cameras were there but with one presenter crook as a dog and one stuck 800km's away in Kalgoorlie it was left to Holtzy to fly the on camera presenter flag for HGM TV.

HGM had the house riding on Nikki Teece to be crowned Skin Babe. Nikki had all the looks and personality to take the title but also had the added advantage of being a keen dirtbike rider as well. In the end we kept the non existent HGM house and Nikki was the popular winner.

HGMtv filmed all the events and the background around the events. Highlights will be seen in episodes of Homegrown Maniacs TV, on Homegrown Maniacs 5 and for a half hour special.
More photos from the Skin Babe finals can be found here
Pic Above: The finalists for Skin Babe 07, Pic Below: Skin Babe winner Nikki with Cheif Skin Babe and Event Host Renae and WA Skin Head Honcho Mason