Tim Wood- BMX Vert Legend


Tim Wood is a true Aussie legend. 34 years young and he’s still one of the finest BMX Vert riders Australia has produced and still untill this day is one of the few people in the world who can pull off a 900 air. His home near Brisbane is truly a BMX riders paradise with an 11 foot halfpipe, a 14 foot halfpipe with 11 foot roll in plus a full indoor street course. All of which he built himself with a little help from friends.
HGMtv did a lot of work with Tim for the first series of Homegrown Maniacs due to go to air July 7 on Fuel TV. We hung out at home with him, took a hotlap of Beenleigh BMX park which he helped build and he joined us for our epic mission to the "Apocoloops" deep in the Aussie bush.
Here's a little bit more on the legend himself

Years Riding: 28 with several breaks in between

First Bike: an oxford 16 inch bmx with red tuffs and a yellow frame!

Current Bike
: Colony Sect

Sponsors: Unit clothing, Colony bikes, Queensland engineering supplies

Career Highlights: 2005, I won the Bmx games, NZ x air, asian x games in Korea and top ten in American x games.

Local Jumps: My back yard!!!

Rides With
: Clint Bensley, Vince Byron, Peta shepherd and a heap of other cool locals.

Favourite Riding Spot: Home and Beenleigh.

Favourite Trick: 900 air

Injuries: Broken- Both ankles, hip, both wrists, toes, fingers, skull, ribs. Lots of stiches, lots of grazes and a few knockouts

I Took The Most Skin Off When: Most recently when I rode the full pipe but years ago dirt jumping.

Worst Stack Not On A Bike: 1992 I broke my hip doing a demo with Matt Hoffman on the Gold Coast. I got stuck in the middle of an Indian air!

Honey: Her Name is Paige!

Dream Honey: Paige while I am asleep ha ha !

Heroes: My friends who offer support all the time.

Music: Anything with a good beat to ride too……old school rock.

Movies: RAD! Anything with a good message.

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Riding a good ramp, learning a new trick, eating some good food, travelling to a beautiful location and snuggling with my girl!!

If I Ruled The World: God would have to help us!!!

Ambitions: Conquer my fears, make a positive dent on the world.

Shout Outs to: Unit clothing, props on their support. Colony bikes…..the best ride out there. Engineering supplies….he who dies with the most tools wins!!! Friends and family for the understanding and unconditional love.