Krystal “Meth” Johnson is the surprise packet of the HGMtv crew. She loves her fast cars, doing burnouts and riding her dirtbike. Emerging from a diesel mechanic greasepit in Kalgoorlie to step in front of a camera with a microphone I didn’t expect much from the petite blonde. We threw her to the lions while making the 2007 Narrogin Rev Heads DVD and she killed it, talking turkey with V8 addicts and totally upstaging a bunch of bikini girls.
So we gave her the job. First shoot is at Shane Townsends “Wasted Talent” compound and she overjumps the 55ft ramp, flatlands and breaks nine bones. Nearly all of us would be begging for our mums and asking to be dosed up on the strongest painkillers available. Not Krystal. She drives nearly 800kms to Kalgoorlie with broken ankles and wrists before seeing a docter who puts her straight back on a plane to Perth for a date with the surgeon and a couple of months in a wheelchair. That’s f*#cking hardcore!!
Krystal is everything our Homegrown Honeyz is all about- she’s sexy but doesn’t sit back and let the boys have all the fun. Instead she’s out their pushing the peddle to the metal and matching it with the boys all the way

Name: Krystal ‘meth’ Johnson

Age: 23

Hometown: Perth, WA

Favourite Extreme Sport: Silly question.. FMX ofcourse!

Claim to Fame?
1 FMX comp ramp + one KTM 250 with me riding = 9 broken bones in 1 go!

What stupid shit do you do in your spare time?
What you think is stupid, i think is normal... burnouts, drunk burnouts, crashing on my bike, shooting hand guns, taking the piss out of people.

What Injuries did you get while filming for HGMtv?
All my injuries! Broken wrists, ankles, pelvis, left hip, fractured ribs, bruises, cuts, DAM YOU HGM!!

Worst Moment while filming for HGMtv?
We are all one big happy family aren’t we? (sarcastically)

Best moment while filming for HGMtv?
Breaking 9 bones at a shoot, that was AWESOME!

Funniest Moment while filming for HGMtv?
Seeing Alfy in a bikini, it was funny and wrong!

Who impressed you the most while on tour for HGMtv and why?
Young Haki, he has a real future with the way he is riding.

What do you think viewers should take out of the first series of HGMtv?
The absolute unprofessional work ethic of the presenters! Its GOLD!

A Perfect Day Would Involve?
Getting up early, have a nice brekky, go for a sick ride then cool down at a beach with some fishing, beers, my number 1 (si) and my chevy girl (staffy), and finish off the night with mates having a bbq, lots of drinks and crankin tunes.

If I Ruled The World?
It would be full of real aussies, and lots of carnage.

To become a professional FMX rider and set some new womens records in the sport, to get rich so i don’t have to work anymore and have those perfect days everyday!

Shout Outs to?
Simon for his great support, Primepower Engineering for putting up with my shit, my dad and mum cos i should mention them, and all the crew for the good times and great laughs.
More photos of Krystal

Photos: Shaun Noonan, Intro by Holtzy