Anyone who actively chases 40ft waves for fun isn’t all there in most peoples opinion. Funnily enough most of these type of people are usually quiet, highly intelligent individuals and that’s Alex “Alfy” Cater in a nutshell although feed him enough beers and the “quiet” tag disappears and a larrikan to match Bushy appears.
Alfy is right up there among the big wave legends around the globe. He’s taken out some big wave awards and finished highly in others along with an award for the heaviest tube for a nuts wave he caught at “Cyclops” a few years back.
Based on all this you’d think he’s got plenty of death defying stories to tell but until he did his first HGMtv shoot he really didn’t know what defying death really ment.
I’m not going to go into the full story as you will have to watch the first episode of HGMtv to get the full picture but needless to say three 35ft waves nearly ended Alfy’s television career before it had begun.
Fortunatly he lived to tell the tale and his dry humour is a real asset to the show. We didn’t fully get the real Alfy on film this series but watch Series two for the real Maniac to come out. In the meantime here’s a bit more about a real Homegrown Maniac.

Name: Alex 'Alfy' Cater

Age: 18

Hometown: Yallingup, westside

Favourite Extreme Sport: Do they even call them extreme sports now? Badminton.

Claim to Fame?
I had a cigarette with the guy from playschool once.

What stupid shit do you do in your spare time?
I don’t do stupid shit.

What Injuries did you get while filming for HGMtv?

Couple of 25 foot waves on the head and got my sector 9 run over by a bus.

Worst Moment while filming for HGMtv?
Waiting for Michael Messenger to get his act together.

Best moment while filming for HGMtv?

Funniest Moment while filming for HGMtv?
Just watching bushy everyday, funniest human alive.

Who impressed you the most while on tour for HGMtv and why?
The chopper pilot who does our shoots… he's retarded some of the stuff he does in his bird!

What do you think viewers should take out of the first series of HGMtv?
Don’t take us too seriously cause its all fake and computer generated!

A Perfect Day Would Involve?
Indo boat trip surfing, friends, strippers and a floating casino.

If I Ruled The World?
We would all be dead

To live the life I want to live…not what people think I should live.

Shout Outs to?
Oakley eyewear, starsurf, da lewy surfboards, futures fins, anyone who bothered reading this far…
More photos of Alfy

Photos: Shaun Noonan Intro by Holtzy