If theres a one man template that Homegrown Maniacs is based on then it’s got to be Justin “Bushy” Bush. He surfs, skates, rides FMX, races motocross and minibikes, snowboards, wakeboards, rides pigs, tongue kisses fish and big lizards and participates in just about every other idiotic hobby that you could name.
Add to all this he’s one of the funniest men on the planet, can take a decent photo with a camera, is a bloody good mate to have beside you in the trenches when things get tough and you get the idea about what makes Bushy tick.
Not just satisfied with holding a microphone and talking shit Bushy committed himself 110% to the HGM cause with sheer bravado and sometimes just plain stupidity. He had two good crashes while running the helmet cam for a story at Stockton Dunes, knuckled Robbie Maddisons downramp while following Rob Adelberg with a helmet cam and took a heap of skin off his arm but by far the best was his ridiculous 30ft acid drop on a sandboard that drove his knee through his face in remote South Australia.
His head looked like the elephant man which wasn’t ideal as we were in the middle of covering a big FMX comp and just days away from shooting all the studio footage for the entire series. Fortunatly Bushy is a quick healer and unless you look closely you wont notice his puffed head too much during the series. Here’s a little bit more about a classic Aussie larrikin.

Name: Justin Bush…….A.K.A. …Bushy, Bushwakt, Bushdang

35 guzillion larfs and a cupla shit jokes.

Wollongong N.S.W & Jindabyne Snowy Mountains N.S.W.

Favourite Extreme Sport: pig wrestling at the local shit heap bar.

Claim to Fame?
Talks quality crap at all hours of the morning.

What stupid shit do you do in your spare time?
I don’t have any spare time cause Im always doing stupid shit……….drinking piss and fishing on a river some were with a quality crew or building jumps and hitting them tapped on a stock crf50. Getting washed up the rocks trying to paddle out in 6-8ft surf or firing myself off a kicker on a snowboard and punching my knee’s into my face.

What Injuries did you get while filming for HGMtv?
Physically and emotionally it was quite taxing. Emotionally would be driving from Kalgoolie after partying all night hung over like a maggot, having to drive 13hrs in the HGMtv assault vehicle with no farkin stereo and Holtzy had lost his voice from commentating for two days. So I had no one to talk to and I got lost adding another 4 hours onto the trip. Physically would be knuckling the down ramp 3rd jump at Maddo’s joint and getting spat off , Jumping in the sand dunes and cross rutting floating to certain punishment – twice, tripping over the eski in the dark at Jacko’s landing on my face and spilling my beer, snapping my brand new board 2nd wave, out some farkin Island full of sharks having to swim 300m back to the boat on half a board with blood dripping from my arm, jumping off a cliff with a sand board, stickin a knee into my face knocking my self out, punching my teeth through my lip, sore jaw and two black eyes - two days before we are about to film 13 episodes in the studio.

Worst Moment while filming for HGMtv?
Trying to work around a swollen jaw and two black eye’s in 13 episodes. And getting on a plane straight from a wedding with the boys, that sucked……..

Best moment while filming for HGMtv?
It would have to be some of the FMX helmet cam stuff that I shot, having the likes of Robbie Adelberg, Luke Stono and Jackson Strong going upside down whipped or turning the thing inside out whilst I’m an arms length away, hoping they get the thing up the right way and climb back on the bike before landing, or Im going to land on one of them and probably kill one of the suckers.

Funniest Moment while filming for HGMtv?
I was built to larf and for me to answer that is hard, I larf in my sleep. Holtzy and I have done sum farkin larfin in our travels.

Who impressed you the most while on tour for HGMtv and why?
When I think about it nearly every shoot we went on from Wakeboarding at The Ditch too hanging with the FMX punks, to watching Tim Wood go upside down in the Appocoloops, all of them impressed me with there shit they had on offer, but mostly just having a good old larf with the lot of them.

What do you think viewers should take out of the first series of HGMtv?
They should take there head outta the telle sit back and go "good show pitty about the dickhead presenting it". also I would like them to think that it’s about time that we got some good Ozi FMX on tele and that these guys had a crack at it with an all Ozi show on a budget that would buy you a chip roll and maybe some tomatoe sauce.

A Perfect Day Would Involve?
Waking up with a pack of sweedish lezo’s all fighting over my piss fat. Then cracking a beer whilst picking up the phone and it’s the boss that says the farkin lotto have rocked up asking were you are. Never have to work again. Grab me skatey and bomb the biggest hill in boardies with me body covered in butter past the all girls Virgin College, back side lip slide a 20 stair rail with a cigi in me mouth past the lot of them. Pull up at the local surf spot. Grab me board from a mates back yard, have a few more beers then surf flawless 8-12ft off shore with 5 of the bruva’s. Get 15 second heaving kegs for 4 hours. Then head back to talk myself up over a few more beers. Get picked up by the all girls Virgin College skool bus, hit the back seat and run a muck. Get kicked off for drinking on the bus, start hitching, get picked up by a mate who’s going to ride FMX all arvo at his stray dog compound. Throw down all the big stuff and some, get licked hard on a double backy cause me pants fell down over me face. Realise I’ve got nuffin and that Im dreaming, go home to my Chick and live the life I’m living now happily ever after…………..it should be called perfect days cause I’d like to do a lot more shit than that in one day.

If I Ruled The World?
There would be no farkin rules……..if ya act like a dick head ya get shot on the spot. Kinda like my DICKTATORSHIP!!!

I wanna be a fireman, I wanna be a policeman ,I wanna be postman, fark all that I wanna be a farkin fisherman who drinks piss and who can surf, skate and ride anything. Ambitions, that’s a big bloody scary word.

Shout Outs to?
The hot chick at the bar that has put up with me all night, but Im still shouting at her as the bars closed cause she has been shouting me all night……….I wish to thank my long time girlfriend Jodie-lee who lets me be me and has backed me all the way whilst being away and filming this show. My 13 yr old Pitty ‘’PIG’’, that dog has seen some shit, My oldies for having a go back in 73’’, my boss ‘’Tim’’ at ‘’CityCoast Motorcycles’’ for giving me time off and putting up with my random ways. All my mates- they know who they are. Finally the HGMtv crew for all the tears and a shit load of larfs. Oh, and the guy that thought hard about the ‘’perfect day question’’ because I got to roll around in my head with the all girls Virgin College skool bus. LIVE 2 LARF PUNX!!!
More photos of Bushy

Photos: Shaun Noonan Intro by Holtzy