Leith "Holtzy" Holtzman


The driving force behind Homegrown Maniacs is Leith "Holtzy" Holtzman. His passion for action sports and his commitment to capturing the essence of the action is what makes HGMtv unique. He’s the guy hanging out of a chopper shooting Alfy getting smashed at Xbox or slogging sand dunes to get the best angles of Bushy and some moto boys as they cut loose. The hidden FMX compound the backyard skate park the big swell he’ll drive all night, shoot all day and cut the story in the motel room that night. When Holtzy turns up with the HGM crew everyone knows it’s on.

Hometown: Margaret River WA

Favourite Extreme Sport: To watch- FMX. To do- Surfing

Claim to Fame: I created the whole HGM mess

What stupid shit do you do in your spare time: Sit on computers creating HGMtv. I mean why would ya. I’d much rather be on the dole surfing.

What Injuries did you get while filming for HGMtv: Nothing to write home about except I’ve got a lot more grey hairs, drunk a lot more alcohol and my stress levels are 10 times higher than they should be

Worst Moment while filming for HGMtv
: Watching from the helicopter while four of my mates nearly drowned in 35ft waves wasn’t much fun (But bloody good footage)

Best moment while filming for HGMtv: Travelling with Bushy. Meeting heaps of really cool crew. Seeing some of the amazing setups people create so they can have fun in their backyards. “The Ditch” that a bunch of West Oz wakeboarders created and Tim Woods home BMX compound spring to mind as examples. Also travelling to the “Apocoloops” with Tim, Bushy and Zbd is something I wont forget.

Funniest Moment while filming for HGMtv: Every moment with Bushy had it’s laughs. The man could be a standup comedian. I’m stoked that some of his character comes through in the show and it’s only going to get better.

Who impressed you the most while on tour for HGMtv and why: Everyone impressed me. That’s why they are called Homegrown Maniacs but if I had to pick one person it would be BMX vert legend Tim Wood. He’s not your average crazy person. At 34 he’s still pushing limits, still winning international events, has built an amazing backyard BMX fun park and spent 15 years building a one off Ferrari Testarossa replica complete with BMX bike rack on the back (and no it’s not a kit car but a genuine hand built replica).

What do you think viewers should take out of the first series of HGMtv:
I want them to enjoy the show no matter what sport they are into and embrace the whole concept of fun, danger, mates, laughter and good times. Above all to be inspired to push boundaries and come up with new ways to go crazy.

A Perfect Day Would Involve:
Hanging on a tropical island fishing and surfing perfect waves with good mates while doing absolutely nothing to do with HGMtv. Then grooving to Blue Shaddy or some other cool Blues Rock/ Funk band with a hot girl before retiring to a private room where… (Sorry cant go further. This isn’t that type of website)

If I Ruled The World: World peace, no hunger, no poverty, protect the environment etc etc If that didn’t work then try debauchery, orgies, massive parties, consumerism, nudity etc etc

Ambitions: To take the Homegrown Maniacs concept to the world. To surf a heap of waves I haven’t surfed, be happy, be respectful, be remembered, live, love, laugh and learn to play the bongos with a black mans rhythm

Shout Outs to: My family. HGM would be nothing without the support of Mum and Dad. All the HGM crew that have shared the vision and my good mates especially Mev, Dorny, Devo, Bushy, Alfy, Hamish, Phil and Marty. Ya pack of f*#king legends!!
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