Bushy takes out the Yamaha Cup 09 on a 2 Banga


Lately I have been racing at every chance I can get, I haven't raced for some time now as the eski and big nights with the boys had become a common thing. But this year I thought I'd have a crack at a local grass track race then got the racing bug back real quick.

And the first thing that was needed was to back off on the piss and flick the cigi's all together. So last weekend I headed off for a round of the Yamaha Cup at Fairbarn Park in Canberra and lined up the only 2-stroke on the start. I'd heard a lot about how good the track was to race on and that it was full of some solid jumps. And on arrival it was all that I pictured it to be.

The only downer was that you were only given 2 laps for practice and you were not allowed to jump anything in the first lap (not that you usually would ) but that only left you with 1 lap to work out the track, let alone the jumps. And on my last lap of practice I tried to lob one of the 3 table tops in a row and looped out. Nearly ending my day right then and there.

So that left me thinking for the first race if I get a good start Im going to have to just have a crack at them or someone's going to farkin land on the back of my neck. I thought Im either going to make it or wake up laying on the ground. Luckily for me it all went to plan and I placed in all 3 moto's a 3rd, 5th, and 4th thus giving me enough points for the overall win. It's not like I won a world title but for a 35 year old beer drinking, cigarette smoking pig it was good to knock off some young punks. Who said 2-Strokes not dead!!!! They were farkin right!!!!!
Photos of Bushy racing