Justine Cheverton


It's been a while since we've had a new Homegrown Honey so the crew at HGM thought we'd introduce you to 19yr old promotions model and keen MX fan Justine Cheverton.

Hometown: Perth

Occupation: Promotions Model, Receptionist

Favourite Extreme Sport: Got to be moto x

In My Spare Time I Like to: Go to the beach, watch / ride motox, work on cars, shop, watch movies.

Hangs With: Jason and my girls

Favourite Nightspot: Northbridge, or the gate

Take Me On A Date To…… : Im a simple girl, maybe out to lunch, dinner and a movie , or then again do something random and extreme

And Feed Me…..: I love pasta, but ill pretty much eat anything

The Drink You Should Buy Me is: I’m a bundy babe

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: Go down a huge hill in a shopping trolley, whilst eating HJ’s at 3 am.

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is: rode the dirt bike through a massive puddle and got stuck half way and had everyone laugh, before they came and helped.

Injuries/Crashes: I got hit by a car on my bike when I was younger, iv come off the bike a few times

What I like In A Guy Is: nice eyes, nice smell, who can treat a lady right, can have a laugh, I like dark haired guys

Current Hunk: Jason :) he’s gorgeous, he’s just wonderful

Dream Hunk: He would be a guitar playing, metal loving, fast car driving dirt bike riding, fun loving hottie.

Heroes: My best friend who passed away, as she went through so much and still stayed strong and could still smile, or my mum

Music: Opeth, Cradle of filth, Metallica, lamb of god, trivium – im a metal girl

Movies: I love horror movies, don’t mind comedy either, the occasional chick flicks good too.

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Waking up going for a ride on the bikes or a cruise in the car, maybe a swim in the sea, followed by a nice lunch, then off to a metal gig.

More photos of Justine can be found here