Vegas rips Bushy a new one!!!


When you hear the words Las Vegas you instantly think of endless money sucking Casino's, bright lights, fast cars and hot looking ladies that can't be trusted for shit. So to put it all into perspective I rounded up an elite crew of animal's too fire the HGM cannon into the heart of this very joint.

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In the artillery we had Dion 'Let's Roll' Kirk from ARD, JT from Showtime FMX, Browns Graffix 's Mark ' Brown- Dawg' Brown and to think that wasn't enough to cause some havoc we drop in FMX legend Mad Mike Jones. Look out Vegas here we come!!!

After a 1 hour flight of what felt like trying to sleep in a bloody milk crate and a standard grilling in customs for Bush, we were spat out onto the street to the waiting grin of Mad Mike Jones.

Let the games begin, the hire car was instantly dealt with by the lead foot of Mr Kirk and the speedo had its wire's rung out of it's earhole. It's amazing what can be done in an 8 seater mini-van with bald tyres. We pinned it to the nearest beer stop to fuel up before heading off on a 4 hour drive into the Nevada dessert.

After larfing our slots off for the whole drive thanks to Mad Mike and his showcase of piss takes before finally seeing the mirage of Las Vegas in the distance. We were keen to dump our shit and rip straight into it.

We loaded the gun at Planet Hollywood and unfortunately it was the only place in Vegas where they have lovely ladies with jacked up cans walking round in smick looking undies serving drinks for 24 hours, shit that was hard to take but sometimes you just gotta cop that shit on the chin. Dion's first words as we walked out onto the casino floor were ''You gotta bet Big to win Big'' the rest of the boys didn't buy into it but I knew exactly what he was talking about.

So off we went on an emotional tug o war of a solid 15 hour gambling/drinking session, one minute I had 1500 dollars worth of chips sitting in front of me, the next minute I had 100 dollars worth of chips then back up to 2000 grand then back down to 5 bux. In the end I fell through the door of my room after losing everything I owned and was in debt too a cupla of the boys. Farrrk!!, and that was the first night.

Coming out of a-coma at god knows what hour I thought I had learnt my lesson but as stupid as I am I decided too tie one on again and win all my money back. So we hit it up again, with me ending up in the Bar at all hours of the morning with Mad Mike trying to show the whole bar how to snort a rubber surgical glove up his nose and pull it out his mouth. Everyone was trying to get him to stop as he was gagging on this farkin glove for nearly ten minutes before spewing all over the bar and to the disgust of people trying to eat their breakfasts. After that the welcoming committee arrived to tell us that we were not welcome anymore.

For the next few days we scoped out a few of the sights including a hair brain drive by Mad Mike up gutters, off the road and into the air amongst the Vegas traffic, then dropping into Carey Hart's Tattoo shop 'Hart and Huntington', finally proceeding to his night club that evening to rip the place absolutely apart with Browny and myself having the locals shout us drinks for our antics. We got hosed out of there then stumbled the strip till daylight.

Still a shit load of coin down I was set on winning my money back so I put myself in more debt with one of the lads and set out with Dion to chase me tail. We larfed and gambled our guts out till Dion said lets put 20 bux in this pokey called E-bay. I was off it and wanted to go to the chocolate wheel were there was a fresh set of cans to look at.

He insisted that I put 20 bux in and against my will I put the 20 into the slot. Little did I know that it was going to be the best move of the whole trip. Playing for a few minute's Dion 's thing pops and start's racking up the credit's for D. Then bang my thing lit up like Christmas, as Dion is pulling my head out of my lap saying that I have just won a hundred bux then 2 hundred then the thing just kept ticking and it finally stops on 4 grand American. Fark yeah!!! I just paid for my trip and paid off my debts.

Vegas is a place that I think everyone should visit once and a place that everyone should gamble more than twice...

View the photos of this epic trip!

Story and photos by Bushy