Haley Rivers


Haley Rivers the 19yr old Law Student from Adelaide is just about every dirt bike riders dream woman. She's smart, digs tattoo's, isn't scared of hucking ramps on her dirt bike and dreams of one day nailing the back flip. A true Homegrown Honey theres a good chance you will be seeing a lot more of Haley on Homegrown Maniacs tv in the future.
More photos of Haley here
Favourite Extreme Sport: fmx and motocross

In My Spare Time I Like to: ride my bike, tanning at the beach, shopping with the girls and try find time for my homework.

Hangs With: mates

Favourite Nightspot: don’t really have a favourite as long as I’m drunk I don’t mind where I am!

Take Me On A Date To... a pub, nothing too formal because it makes it awkward.

And Feed Me…. pizza

The Drink You Should Buy Me is: anything pretty much.

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: tattoo my own foot

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is: got in a fight with a girl and ended up with 6 stitches in my cheek haha.

Injuries/Crashes: had a shoulder reconstruction not too long ago, fell off my bike

What I like In A Guy Is: when guys play hard to get, and doesn’t seem to eager it makes it more fun. A real bonus is when he’s into bikes biggest turn on ever! He has to be fun but trustworthy too 

Current Hunk: singles the way to go!

Dream Hunk: mm Travis Pastrana

Heroes: My dad! He got me into bikes. He’s 50 and can hit 140ft jumps.

Music: I’ll listen to anything

Movies: anything scary

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Going to the sand dunes with my bike n mates, having a BBQ n a beer then camping.

If I Ruled The World: No one would ever have to work again and alcohol would be free.

Ambitions: to be one of the first aussie girls to backflip in a comp and to be the lawyer with the most tattoos.

Shout Outs to: my best friend Amy i love her to bits and Kristen too. Pretty much everyone, especially the guys i ride with, my dad, Cameron, Marcus, ryan, pumps, luke and reece. P.S sorry if I forgot some people haha.

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