HGM Signs Worldwide Distribution Deal


The crew at Homegrown Maniacs are proud to announce they have signed a worldwide distribution deal with Oscorp Entertainment.
What that means for HGM fans is you will be seeing a lot more of the brand of fun madness that HGM is famous for. Not only will it help produce series two of HGMtv but keep an eye out wherever you are in the world for the complete archive of HGM DVD’s, a box set of Series One of HGMtv, plus a whole heap of cool merchandise like HGM keyrings, pencil cases and popit lids.
HGM head honcho Leith “Holtzy” Holtzman was extremely happy to sign the deal:
“Ever since HGM co-creator Michael Messenger and myself set out on the HGM journey we recognised HGM merchandise as the key to be able to continue to make TV and films the way we wanted to make them” Holtzy said “To sign with a company as successful and reputable as Oscorp Entertainment is a huge step forward for us. It’s great that they recognise the potential in what we have been doing and want to support it.”
HGM will begin filming for series two of HGMtv shortly. Keep an eye on the website for more updates.
Pic Above: Worldwide Licensing Manager for Oscorp Entertainment Manuel Correia (Middle) seals the deal with Holtzy and Michael Messenger