Josh Sheehan to compete for the IFMXF World Championship 2011

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Australian Freestyle MX rising star, Josh Sheehan has signed on to compete for the World Championship in the 2011 season of the IFMXF FIM Freestyle MX World Championship and Night of the Jumps throughout Europe and Brazil.

Sheehan has spared no time in wanting to make the most of his opportunity by with intensive training after signing with IFMXF. Josh has mastered the 360 which only a few riders in the world possess, while also being known as the Ruler Flip king in his native Australia. Sheehan has been working on a variety of new back flip combinations and also working on some new tricks for the 2011 season which he is waiting to unleash at his first World Championship event.

Sheehan made his IFMXF debut in November 2010 competing in four rounds of the 2010 season as a wild card in Czech Republic and Austria. As a wild card, Josh also achieved a 3rd place in Vienna in Freestyle, while also winning the combined whip competitions two nights in a row with Brody Wilson.

“I am really looking forward to competing in a full season of Night of the Jumps and FIM events. The competition is extremely high and I could match it with the best in 2010 when I was a wild card rider. I have learnt some new tricks and I feel more comfortable in that arena, so I cannot wait to ride in front of the screaming European fans again” Sheehan said.

For 2011, Sheehan has set his sights high on the podium and has learnt from his earlier competitions in the international scene including Red Bull X-Fighters in Rome 2010. “I know what I need to do now to get on the podium, and I also have learnt a lot about the judging in different competitions.” Sheehan continued.

Unfortunately Josh will miss the opening rounds of the FIM World Championship while he is performing as part of the Travis Pastrana led team for the Nitro Circus Live tour in New Zealand and Australia in February and March. Josh will then make his first appearance in 2011 at the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship on May 7th in Adana, Turkey. Josh will then compete in the remainder of 14 events with the IFMXF team.

The crew at HGM wish Sheeny all the best in taking on the world. Go ya bloody legend!!!!

Josh Sheehan is supported by Carlton Dry Honda racing team, Valyside and Dragon.

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