Kirsty Gray


One of our longest serving Homegrown Honeyz is 22 year old Kirsty Gray from Mandurah. She's been a big supporter of the HGM cause and starred in our 2007 Narrogin Rev Heads DVD. These days she runs her own promotions company "Illicit Ink Promotions" all while looking after her new bub...


Favourite Extreme Sport: FMX & UFC

In My Spare Time I Like to: Ride My Dirtbike, Run A muck With My Girls and spend time with my Family

Hangs With: My Boy, My Baby Boy and My Bitches

Favourite Nightspot: The Toucan & Dorcia!

Take Me On A Date To: The Pub!!

And Feed Me: Steak With Garlic Sauce

The Drink You Should Buy Me is: Smirnoff Double Black or a Jager Bomb!

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: Enter into Motherhood!

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is: Attempted to be the next Mary Perkins on a mini Bike whilst Heavily Intoxicated. Ended in a Trip To Hospital and Cracked Ribs!!

Injuries/Crashes: To Many Injuries to list, Majority as a result of being stupid and thinking Im invincible on my Dirtbike haha!

What I like In A Guy Is: Honesty, Good Sense of Humour, Good Dress Sense and Family Values.

Current Hunk: My Baby Daddy Brennan Scott

Dream Hunk: Cam Gigandet

Heroes: Anyone who has been through something Traumatic and come out a Stronger Person

Music: Anything I can Shake My ass Too!!

Movies: Im a Sucker for the Twilight Saga!

A Perfect Day Would Involve: A nice Family Day out with my Boys

Ambitions: Take Illicit Ink Promotions to an International Level and Be the Best Mummy I Possibly Can

More Photos of Kirsty can be found here