HGMtv Crew Score Monster Barrels at "Black Rainbow"

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Story and screen grabs by Holtzy
After years of studying weather charts and quite a few failed missions the HGMtv crew finally scored bigtime at a secret surf spot somewhere in the south west.

"Black Rainbow" is one of the heaviest waves in the world with it's super cold water combination of size, power, remoteness and distance from shore together with the regular visits from White Pointers mean just the bravest of the surf crazy men tackle this beast.

A hardcore bunch of underground local lads and their mates were the only ones out there this day and they ruled. Ben Rufus and his tow partner Chris Ross were the first out there before sunrise and that paid off with Ben scoring probably the biggest wave of the day straight up (see screen grab on left). Ben also probably got the heaviest wipeout on the next set and Chris Ross went on to dominate the whole day by consistently getting deep and riding out of some heavy tubes (see screen grab below.

Also scoring some bombs were Chris Shanahan, Dan Corbett and Cortney Brown while Myron Porter had his first ever session at Black Rainbow and survived some heavy wipeouts to get his first Black Rainbow gem.

But Maniacs of The Week has got to go to Margaret River photographer Russell Ord who became the first person stupid enough to swim around in the impact zone with a fisheye stills camera. The list of reasons why this should never be attempted is very long starting with the number of big sharks in the area but Ordy got right in there and nailed some gold that will no doubt be seen all over the world.

The some highlights have already been shown on Channel 7 news and you can check the footage here.

More screen shots from the epic session can be found here

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