Clinton Moore Ready To Smash a 720 for X Games FMX Best Trick


Australian Freestyle Motocross rider Clinton Moore has been invited to make his return to X Games this year to compete in Freestyle MX Best Trick and perform one of the biggest tricks ever, the 720 degree spin.

Clinton narrowly missed a podium place in 2010 X Games Best Trick with a Volt to Seat Grab body varial combo, and in 2011 Clinton made the toughest decision of his career to pull out of X Games due to shoulder surgery.

In 2012, Clinton will aim to re-write the history books by landing the first 720 degree spin in competition, a feat which FMX legend Travis Pastrana attempted but did not complete at the 2009 and 2011 X Games.

Moore has been working on the 720 spin for over 3 years, and is now confident he can land the trick which has been on his mind for so long.

“Last year I was planning to do the 720 at Best Trick, but with injury and talking to Travis I realised there was no point in trying it and hurting myself more” Moore said.

“I went to Pala Raceway for Nitro Circus Live training and I watched Travis doing the 720 into the foam pit, and you could see he had it dialled. Around the same time I dislocated my shoulder a couple of times and then did a lot of damage in a crash at X-Fighters Rome and that was the moment I knew I had to pull out of X Games”

“It was helpful talking to Travis about it, and he gave me some pointers on how he gets the bike more level and stop it from panning out flat at the end. The advice was really good, but there is also the problem with getting the last 90 degrees of the spin. So it has just been time and patience to progress the trick and get it perfected”

“The past few months I have been trying new things in terms of body position, using the foot hook, the way I hit the ramp, the distance from 45ft to 47ft jacked up and now 50ft on the Superkicker. I’ve learnt a lot about the trick and I’m ready to get this monkey off my back!”

Moore will be performing the 720 at X Games FMX Best Trick on June 29th at Staples Centre, Los Angles, USA.

Clinton Moore is supported by FlightPath Materials, Alpinestars, Ashs Spoked Wheelz, KustomMX, Tag, Motul, RK Chains, JT Sprockets, Torc1 Racing and Choice Suspension.

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