The Warpt Big Gap Challenge


The first ever FMX documentary filmed and produced in Australia. Featuring some of the best riders from Australia, New Zealand and USA.

For two weeks in deep south-west Western Australia our a bunch of core FMX legends lived the dream. They rode massive dunes, jumped ramps, went fishing, chased girls and broke bones. In an epic finish they built two incredible jumps at a secret lime pit then went nuts busting huge tricks over them in one of the best sessions ever recorded in Australia to this day.

The Warpt Big Gap Challenge captures the unique Australian FMX culture in a way no movie has done before or since. With a fantastic soundtrack, stunning scenery, mind blowing action and laughter as well as a whole bunch of bonus footage including one of the worst crashes ever recorded on film in Australia it's a must have for any true FMX fan.

Starring : Matt Schubring, Leigh Harriman, Ryan Leyba, Jeff Doetzer, James Dance, Rhys Dulieu, Shaun Richardson, Pete McCann, Shane Townsend, Josh Maley, Jeza Ray, Jono Porter, Noel Cotter, Tim Watson and many more...

Music by: Sublime, Sprung Monkey, Jed Whitey, Evan Olson, Beakun, Blue Shaddy and Fourstroke.

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