18 yr old Loren from Newcastle is one of the original Homegrown Honeyz and recently sent us a whole batch of beautiful new photos and an updated profile. Naturally Homegrown Maniacs was only too happy to post them up for you to check out. We wish Loren all the best in getting that modelling agency going. If you want to see more of Lauren you can check out her website www.laurenmcleod.com

Hometown: Newcastle

Occupation: Full-Time Model

Favourite Extreme Sport: FMX, Wakeboarding, Waterski Racing

In My Spare Time I Like to: Dance, wakeboard, waterski

Hangs With: The girls, The boys, Anyone fun to be around.

Favourite Nightspot: Anywhere in Newcastle.

Take Me On A Date To…… : Bali.

And Feed Me…..: Cocktails and Bintang.

The Drink You Should Buy Me is: Sky Vodka and Lime

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: had sex on a jetski whilst in the water. hehe

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is: Ran my boys car into a gutter and took a massive chip out of his rim.

Injuries/Crashes: Dislocated shoulder waterskiing & Stress fractures dancing. I'm always injuring myself!

What I like In A Guy Is: Crazy, Fun, Funny, must be able to put up with me!

Current Hunk: My Boy

Dream Hunk: Umm…Scummy, Luke Urek, Paul Walker

Heroes: My Mummah!

Music: Usually Punk/alternative/metal…in my C.D player right now is Disturbed!

Movies: Anything funny, a chick flick is okay once in a while, nothing with guns they are boring!

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Sleeping in, Doing crazy stuff with the boys, followed by a massive night out with the girls!

If I Ruled The World: I would let there be no poverty, put all the bad people on an isolated island so they hopefully killed each other and make all my friends rich.

Ambitions: To be successful in modeling, open my own dance school and modeling agency

Shout Outs to: Kelly Hodge for all my wonderful photos, and Sheridyn Fisher for the Styling, Holtzy for putting me on here!

More photos of Loren can be found here