August 18 2006


Diary Entry August 18 2006 Location: The Office, Perth

Had my first taste of live television today. I was special guest on
the morning news show Wake Up Perth on channel 31. We just
talked about the Whale Shark season, FMX and of course all
things Homegrown Maniacs. Showed some FMX footage plus
some highlights of the Whale Shark season and blew everyone
away. My friend Weeksy hosts the show so it made the whole live
TV thing not quite as nerve wracking as it could have been and I
managed not to swear once. I was actually on there for the whole
show which I think is the first time they have done that so that
was pretty cool. All the feedback was good and everyone seemed
to think it was a great show. My girlfriend Demelza came along
too for moral support and because Weeksy's co-host is called
Demelza as well and they wanted to meet but unfortunatly TV
Demelza was sick.

Right now I'm in the advanced stages of preparing for my trip to
the USA and east coast of Oz. I'm starting to feel a little nervous
but all that will be gone when I'm at my first shoot in the states. I
will try to keep the website updated as much as possible during
the trip so it should be interesting for all you guys as well.

Pic Above The Wake Up Perth girls plus Weeksy, Holtzy and
Demelza Pic Below: On set