Man vs Snake


Story by Bushy and Holtzy

HGMtv presenter Justin "Bushy" Bush is always in the thick of the action. Life's never boring in Bushy's world even when he's having a quiet one at home. I'll let him take up the story:

Bushy - "About 11.30 last Wednesday night I was locking up my garage door when I felt something wack me on the ankle - like some prick pulling the hairs outta ya leg. Not thinking much of it I go to walk off and feel ''wack farkin wack'' again. Shit whats that! I flick my leg and a bloody brown snake is wrapped around my ankle. So working out that I've just been bitten I catch the little bugger and then get on Google for about 40 minutes trying to find out whats going to happen to me.

After reading stories of people dying at the drop of a hat I figure I better get up to the hospital. I tell the chick in emergency that I've been bitten, then next minute I'm in a bed with four doctors all hooking up these leads n shit. Under observation for two and a bit hours then I was let home. What a farkin night. They said I was lucky that 5% of all snake bites are dry bites, just warning bites. And next time don't get on Google. I thought not that lucky the little prick still bit me THREE FARKIN TIMES. Yesterday I got a tooth pulled out with pilers so I'll just let you all know that Im having a kunt of a week.
Shark attack next week stay tuned......."

So there you go. Just another standard day for Bushy. There are those who know Bushy well who feel sorry for the snake given the amount of toxins in Bushy's blood. But then there are others who believe that the snake had three goes trying to find a decent vein for a proper taste.

Pic Above: Bushy in hospital. Pic Below: The culprit: A sometimes deadly Brown Snake