FMX Kaos


Story and Photos By Holtzy

FMX Kaos have been an integral part of the underground OZ Freestyle scene for about six years now but it has only been in recent times that main man Ray Hunter and his crew have stepped it up to become a major player Australia wide.

A rider himself, Ray is one of those genuine champion people that really care about the sport of FMX and the people involved in it. In going to see any FMX Kaos show you are supporting the true heart and soul of hardcore FMX.

Homegrown Maniacs were fortunate enough to be invited to a recent show in Caboolture just north of Brisbane, Queensland where the Kaos crew were putting on their first full on all FMX show. Like all shows HGM has been to there was plenty of stress behind the scenes as everyone did their best to put on a good show.

The 4000 people who showed up had a ball as quality riders like Leigh Harriman, Robbie Adelberg, Chris Thomsen, Jayden Mulholland, Shannon Weale and Travis Muatore put on a great performance. Underground 50’s guru Bojangles flipped a few times and 8 year old Troy Smith who is the youngest FMX rider in OZ really charmed the crowd.

All up the show was a total success and it was a very relieved Ray Hunter that Homegrown Manics caught up with a few days later on a casual riding day out at that epic Queensland riding park – Black Duck Valley.

HGM: So Ray how long has FMX Kaos been around?
RH: FMX Kaos has been established for 5 or 6 years now. I have been riding Freestyle for about 6 or 7 years. I started off doing monster truck shows, fireworks shows in the outback towns and stuff like that. I started doing a lot more shows for the freestyle industry. I was getting offered more gigs if I had a steel downramp. So eventually I built a landing ramp and went from there. Basically we have done all of New South Wales and Queensland now and hopefully we will keep going bigger and better.

HGM: So what made you decide to start up FMX Kaos? What was the whole theory behind it?
RH: It came about from when I was doing freestyle motocross myself with the monster truck shows and fireworks shows. Someone offered me a few shows with a steel landing ramp so I went and built a steel landing ramp and one of my sponsors- my sticker person Gecko Graphics came up with the name for the Kaos crew because we kept wrecking everything every weekend. We kept coming in and saying we had wrecked bikes and stuff like that so he came up with the name and then two weeks later before a show he reckoned we needed a uniform. So 10 days later we had a uniform and that’s how FMX Kaos came from.

HGM: Lets talk about your last show. It was obviously the biggest show you have done. What did you go through to pull it off and do you think you will do more?
RH: FMX Kaos have done a couple of hundred little town shows with just a couple of freestyle riders but we finally stepped up and done a big time show. We had like 12-15 riders including 50 riders and 250 riders so that was one of the craziest shows we have ever done. It was a pretty stressful time there but the boys all co-operated so that was all good. We had great commentators and the set up was great. It was good times, crazy times but it was pretty stressful there. It’s great to be out here at Black Duck Valley just having a chillout with the boys.

HGM: Do you think you will do a few more big shows like that one and what did you learn from it?
RH: Basically doing the big shows with 15 riders and a huge set up is crazy times, very nerve racking, sleep deprived but defiantly something that we are going to get into in the future. From that show already we have two or three sponsors come on board. We have a few meetings in the next week or so and it looks like we might go overseas soon so look out for FMX Kaos in America.

HGM: Lets talk about some of the riders you have in your stable.
RH: FMX Kaos have a few riders on board. We sponsor riders to various degrees. Basically we have Leigh Harriman. He’s one of our main riders. He rides all the shows for FMX Kaos, I help him out with ramps and things like that. Robbie Adelberg has been with me for a long time, he’s also sponsored by other people but he’s been riding my shows for a long time now. I have hooked up a few 50 riders. Bojangles and Hocko. They are two crazy 50 riders. Bojangles threw a few flips down on the weekend so he really knows his stuff. Then we have Troy Smith who’s a good little rider who we flew up all the way from Melbourne. He was busting 35ft on his 65, busting a few tricks and waving to the crowd who absolutely loved him.

HGM: What about Troy Smith? He’s a pretty unique kid.
RH: I got a late call from Harry about Troy so he hooked me up with him. Troy is 8 years old, he’s a great little kid, very mature for his age and has already been doing big jumps on little bikes for a long time. We made him a star in the show and he loved it. The crowd absolutely loved seeing him hit the big jumps and we had him throwing stuff out in the crowd so he had a ball.

As for Leigh Harriman he’s a bit of a cool customer, in his shell and stuff until you get to know him. He just goes out there and does his job. I think he is unbelievable to work with. He’s really grown up over the last couple of years.

As for Robbie Adelberg, the young fella from Melbourne, he’s a real good mate of mine, loves riding with the boys. I will always have Robbie back, he is one of the most professional freestyle riders I have ever worked with. You only have to tell him something once, he wont question it.

HGM: How is it going from rider to promoter?
RH: I know exactly what the riders go through with all the stress and that, jumping at night with the lights and stuff like that. The riders probably understand me a bit more than the promoter who hasn’t ridden. Freestyle is one of those sports that is very underground and hardcore. There is only a few in Australia that can actually do it properly so we need to look after the riders that do it professionally and give them the right set up so they don’t get hurt, perform their tricks and do great shows for everyone. That’s why I look after the FMX Kaos riders and give them the correct set up every time, no dramas no stacks. You just got to do it right for the boys and keep it safe.

HGM: What do you hope to do with FMX Kaos in the future?
RH: Our clothing brand is taking off crazy times. We have had plenty of shops just come in and kill us with orders so we have had n o time to supply all the shops so we have had to put that off for six to twelve months but look to see a lot more Kaos clothing in stores around the place. We want to go overseas. If you get on the internet you can get any clothing, stickers, sicker kits the whole lot. Basically we want the whole clothing range to go crazy so you can get it anywhere soon. Our internet address is

Robbie Adelberg On Ray Hunter: "He does most of the local shows up here in Queensland. He doesn’t push us which is important. If it’s not good riding weather he wont like it if we don’t ride but he knows that we cant ride if it’s too bad so he lets it go. Some promoters aren’t like that and they try and push you a bit too hard but because Ray is a rider he understands. He’s really good I reckon."

Footnote: Since this story has been written Ray recently secured a deal to do 30 monster truck shows up and down the east coast. Look out for the FMX Kaos crew in a town near you soon.
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Pic Below: Ray Hunter makes sure the ramps are set just right.