Freeride Session At Robbie Marshalls


Story and Photos By Holtzy

While on tour through Queensland for Homegrown Maniacs I was lucky enough to spend a night at Robbie Marshalls place along with Leigh Harriman, Robbie Adelberg, Chris Thomsen and Travis Muratore.
Robbie’s place has it all for dirtbike riders including a motocross track, two supercross tracks, freestyle ramp, dirt hits and hill climbs.
We arrived late and had a look around. Most of the boys gave the motocross track a good workout while Harry tried to dial in Robbie’s tech supercross track. Watching Robbie ride it you would think it’s easy until a rider the quality of Harry comes along and has a hard time.
That night we were treated to the big barby cook up thanks to Robbie’s legend parents. There’s nothing like a real Aussie BBQ after a steady diet of roadhouse food.
The next morning the boys concentrated on the dirt doubles. A 65ft hit allowed some good trains and a sick step up was perfect for Robbie to whip it sideways with the helmet cam on for some sick footage for Homegrown 4
There was a mountain of stuff we could have stayed and ridden but Black Duck Valley was calling and a big thunderstorm was forecast for that evening.

Big thanks to Robbie and his parents for some legendary Aussie hospitality.