Homegrown Maniacs 4: The Verdict


By Holtzy

When I finished Homegrown 4: The Curves Of Mother Nature and it’s sister video – The Steel Sessions I was confident I had made easily the best FMX DVD ever produced in Australia but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few others thought…

“In first place... CONGRATULATIONS ! I received and watched the DVD´s yesterday and that´s amazing ! I'm serious... a long time I didn´t have so much fun watching a film. Homegrown Maniacs 4 it´s different, a real FMX film !
Everything is new in Homegrown Maniacs 4 ! Whenever you watch a FMX film you already seen the same scenes in so many films. That´s not the case of HGM 4 ! Many many exclusive scenes ! Many many new riders ! Many crazy events !
Man... I think there is no better way to know what´s going on in Australia ! When I watched Bilko, Sinc and Schubring I think... "Are you kidding me dude ?" What about the other kids ? I never seen so many rocksolid variations in a film !
Well, well, well... a FIVE star film for sure ! Holtz... Congratulations and keep you good job ! Keep FMX real ! “
Jose Gaspar- Tribo Offroad Mag, Brazil

“With some amazing footage from all over… Curves really fills that freeriding hole a lot of DVD’s seem to have. The opening scene is one you really just have to check out.
Steel Sessions…is an amazing collection of footage from just about every ramp in Australia and America…. There’s some cool behind the scenes footage and a whole lot of lovely ladies to wet your lips. Together these vids make an afternoon of action packed FMX action…this is a must have for Aussie FMX
Freerider MX Feb/Mar 2007

“The best FMX video ever made in Australia”

“yeah man it was sick... I’ve watched it over 15 times already... I liked the Steel Sessions a bit better then the natural.. but each to our own..”

“The natural dvd is best I think like Nate said each to their own the Steel Sessions is sick too but I like the way its split into 2 dvds and the best bit of all its got heaps of people we all are mates with in it”

“Yeah its the best! I can watch it over and over again. I think its better than any other moto dvd”
FMX Erik

“yeah hgm 4 is the boma of all movies around at the moment”

“f***ing crazy dude… the best fmx movie I’ve ever seen. Well done and i hope you do get it overseas It was top choice music and amazing beginning (classic!!) a lot of work has really gone into this, and i would like so say well done to everyone involved in the making, it was a top movie and anyone who doesn’t like it is not a real rider, lol,
well done holtzy and all the best for overseas!!!”
Evil 3

“I was stoked to see so much wa crew an locations in it…
It’s awsome how its all natural terrain because that’s where it started and everyone should be able to ride it.
Steel Sesh is also one of the best moto vids out.”

“I love it dude that my honest opinion!!!”

“I liked it a lot. Definately had more of a "homegrown" feel to it rather than watching picture perfect riders and bikes on immaculately groomed compounds which 90% of real riders out there will never experiance. Loved it.
And who is that bloke who eats the spider??”

“It was sick can be watched over and over. Good to see west oz crew gettin into it and how sick is ditchy”

“I like the start of the dirt dvd, you did a good job on putting it all together like that Holtzy....... good stuff mate keep it up.........”
Matt Haggs

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