New Zealand Whip Fest


Story and photos by Holtzy

The second leg of the Freerider MX/HGMtv New Zealand was a mind blowing whip fest at one of NZ best motocross tracks near Lake Taupo.
With Levi Sherwood resting a sore shoulder and ankle after aggravating an old injury at the last stop of the tour it was left to top NZ racers Rhys Carter (No 733) and Nick Saunders (No 909) to whip it flat for the cameras. The session was pretty bloody epic. There's not much more to say so I will leave the photos to tell the story.
More photos can be found here
Pic Above: Some of the synchronised whips were out of control. This one is only an average one. The real gold will be in an upcoming edition of Freerider MX.

Pic Below: Nick Saunders whips it for Freerider MX video guru Jade Foggo and Editor Simon Makker