Haki Waller


Haki was the absolute find of the recent HGMtv/ Freerider MX freeride tour of New Zealand. At 12 years of age he had no problem hucking 140ft on his KX85. While the big boys were impressive hitting these kind of jumps on their 250’s you would hear Haki ringing the guts out of his 85cc from miles away as he got every inch of speed he could out of the machine to clear the gap. It really was mind blowing to see such a cool, humble kid ride so well and as you can see he’s no stranger to a BMX bike either.
Right now Haki is fully focussed on racing and it isn’t hard to see that he has a big future ahead of him. Somehow I think we will still see Haki feature in Freeriding circles for many years to come too. What were you doing when you were 12?
You can check out more photos of Haki here

Hometown: Murupara/ Feilding

Years Riding: Since 3yrs

First Bike: jr 50

Current Bike: 08 Kawasaki kx85

Sponsors: Afc Motorcycles, Kawasaki NZ, Globe.NZ, Silkolene, Fly
racing, RK chains, www.dirtstar.co.nz, Dragon,Whanau.

Home Compound: Around my clothes line, taikorea, Gareth's
track, Clausens mx, levi's compound, Nisbetts

Rides With: Wynt Dog, D.force,Jesse Donelly, Hamish Clausen,
Levi Sherwood

Favourite Riding Spot
: Gareths Track Balance Bridge

Biggest Jump: To date 150ft

Favourite Trick: heel clicker, double can, whips yeah!!!

: ac joint shoulder injury in 2006

Worst Crash on a Bike
: In Taupo went too big over the ski jump
out the back section tumbled heaps of times and landed on my

Worst Crash off a Bike: I went huge over the spine at our local
skatepark and flat landed ouch sore wrists.

Honey: Georgina Collins

Dream Honey
: Holtzy in a dress (haha little punk. I’ll get you for that- Holtzy)

Heroes: AMA riders James Stewart, Chad Reed & heaps others

Music: R&B, Hip Hop, reggae.

Movies: On the pipe 3, HomeGrown Maniacs

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Riding my motocycle 24/7, no
school, no parents in my ear, super x 24/7. Big jumps

If I Ruled The World: There would be chaos and heaps of hot
chicks around me

Ambitions: I have achieved two in 08 already No 1 NZ Supercross,
No 2 NZ Motorcross, and also to become world champ

Shout Outs to: To da whanau in Murupara T.F.F.T, Christchurch
Whanau, Booty, Polly, Noid all my fans lol