Desert Surf Testing Ground


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy & Sarah
One of the main goals of HGMtv is that we do a lot of on board footage so that while you are sitting on the couch watching the show you actually get a feel of what it’s like to do the sport you are watching.

Now most of you reading this would already do one of the main sports we feature most ie FMX, surf, skate, BMX, mountain biking, snow boarding etc but I’m sure you are all curious as to what it’s like to do the other sports you don’t do as well.

Thanks to the guys at Launch Helmet cams we have really dialled in the onboard footage with FMX and the other bike sports but surfing has remained a real X Factor. After all the addition of salt water, regular wipeouts and remote locations makes it a really different proposition to what we know well.

That was the point of this trip- to really dial in the surf cam stuff. Over the past 12 months we have been trying to get something working but the problem being that surfers are notoriously nomadic and difficult to nail down for some research and of course the surf is never predictable so getting the right conditions to test a theory can take months and then our test pilot might not be available on the right day.

So in the end it came down to me to hook up with Markland from Launch
Helmet Cams and his girlfriend Sarah for an extensive week of testing. Yeah I know you all feel really sorry for me having to surf all day when I could be in a city office having real fun haha

I’ve got to admit I had a lot of fun over the week. We had lots of trial and error but I was able to sit back at the end of the day and relive all my waves seen exactly from my own point of view.

How good will it be to get an idea of what it might be like to catch some of the crazy waves that guys like our surf presenter Alfy Cater catches on a regular basis. Alfy has featured every year in the International and National big wave awards for a number of years so ay time he straps on the helmet can serious shit is going to go down.

We even got the camera on former World Number 3 Dave Macaulay for some action. The footage where he gets a couple of his daughters to drop in on him and he films their waves simply by looking at them is especially special and it shows just a small portion of what is possible with this new helmet cam setup.

We all look forward to the footage that this new setup can achieve in the hands of high quality surfers in epic waves. HGMtv and will bring you all the results as soon as they happen.
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