Sick Waves Caught on Helmet Cam


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy & X Ray[i]

After the initial successful testing of the Launch/Gath Helmet Cam surf setup we were pretty keen to try it in some good surf. Former World Surfing No 3 Dave Macaulay and myself had both given the camera a few tests in small surf but we had “Unfinished Business” with the whole deal.
For Dave the unfinished business was the need for some big barrels and for me it was to see some of those barrels shown from a surfers point of view.
The internet showed a swell on the way and a spur of the moment decision was made to commit to nearly 40 hours of driving in 4 days. It was a hit and run mission starring D Mac and ably supported by HGMtv crew Holtzy and X Ray.

D Mac may be the father of four crazy surf groms who should take up all his energy but he may as well be one of the grommets himself. In our four mornings away he had the sluggish HGMtv crew up at 6am, 5am, 5am and 4am!!! Give me the FMX time table of “Around lunchtime” any day of the week haha.

But it was worth it. The barrel you can see D Mac get on the video clip below was caught just as the sun came up on our first morning at the surf break. The swell was only just big enough so it was two hours before he caught another one. Just as well we were there early!!

Over the next two days D Mac showed extraordinary patience waiting very long periods in pursuit of that one smoker that came through every couple of hours or so. His patience paid off and we got some awesome footage for another HGMtv segment as all of D Mac’s Helmet Cam waves were filmed from shore as well.

It was a full on four days but it was a real pleasure to travel with a true West Oz and international surf legend and get a few road stories in those long hours in the car. We capped it off with a really cool interview in this field of wildflowers on the way home.
Pic Above: D Mac pulls into another pit wearing the Launch/Gath helmet Cam. Pic Below: Holtzy interviews D Mac in the wild west.