Brad Landers


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy and PhotoCaro/

25 year old Brad Landers burst onto the FMX at the recent gathering of the tribe down in Esperance when he came out of nowhere to be just the second person in West Australia to land a backflip and the first to land more than one as well as the first to land any sort of backflip combo.

Since then he has been quietly working on his ever growing bag of tricks. A trip to Queensland to ride with legend Matt "Schuie" Schubring saw Brad get the chance to further work on flips and even pull off a few superman seat grab flips into Schuies foam pit.

A quiet lad, Brad is a rarity in the FMX world. He's married and doesn't drink or smoke. Add this to a high level of talent and plenty of courage and we here at HGM predict a very big future for Brad starting next year. Here's a bit more about Brad:

Hometown: Perth (moved here from Esperance in 05)

Years Riding: about 15 years

First Bike: Yamaha GT 80

Current Bike: 1999 HONDA CR 250

Sponsors: Homegrown Maniacs,, Unit & Race Ready Performance

Home Compound: I don’t have one I just ride here an there

Rides With: Lawson, Langas ,Towny, Haggs, Russell, Clay and Rowey & Shane Parsons when I’m in Esperance

Favourite Riding Spot: Schuies compound

Biggest Jump: around 120ft never really measured most of the jumps I have done till lately

Favourite Trick: it would have to be flips

Injuries: left shoulder recon, my right shoulder pops out on hard landings and broken both collar bones and Im just getting over a broken thumb

Worst Crash on a Bike: I went to hit a double out in the dunes and my bike stalled mid flight. I went over the bars, my bike landed on me and knocked me out for a few seconds and broke my collar bone

Worst Crash off a Bike: I over jumped a double on my bmx and landed on the front wheel on the flat driving my shoulder into the dirt an braking my collar bone

Honey: Bec

Dream Honey: I would have to say I already have my dream honey my beautiful wife Bec

Heroes: Mike Metz, Nate Adams & Schuie

Music: I like punk rock and pretty much anything that sounds good

Movies: comedy, action & anything with riding

A Perfect Day Would Involve:going out riding with my wife & mates to a sick compound and ride all day with no crashes or injuries

If I Ruled The World: I would make as many freeride parks as there is Macca’s drive thrus.

Ambitions: hopefully make a living out of riding one day and do shows and comps

Shout Outs to: big thanks to Holtzy for all his help & support and to Caro for all his awesome pics (go the seagull) and Schuie for all his help and Paul for all his support and all the fellas at RRP for all their help and my beautiful wife, family & friends for all their love & support.

Pic Above:Landers textbook Superman off the bars in Carnarvon. Pic below: Nailing a flip in Esperance.