Front Flip Madness


Story & Photos by Holtzy

I recently went to the Perth Royal Show to check out some FMX action. The first show was cancelled by strong winds and the second by a horror dew that made the ramp too slippery. Still the BMX boys went out there and put on an awesome show. Star of the Demo was local lad Chris Jones who can front flip at will amongst a big bag of tricks. For the last show he even enlisted help from FMX rider Jeremy "Fungi" Furniss to do a "Push In" where instead of being towed into the big FMX kicker he got Fungi to ride along behind him and push him fast enough to clear the big downramp. After one trial run to get the speed right Jonesy managed the front flip you see above and nailed it perfectly. Sick!!!

Pic Above Chris Jones Front Flip onto the big portable downramp. Pic Below: Jonesey and Fungi talk tactics