"She'll Be Right Mate!!!"


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Brett "No Worries" Burkett

The conversation went something like this:

Brett: No worries Holtzy the sand is rock hard just back her into the water, I'll hitch the boat up and you drive straight out.

Holtzy: Are you sure Brett?"

Brett: Yeah no worries Holtzy look. (Brett jumps up and down on the sand to demonstrate how hard it is)

Holtzy: OK mate if you say so we'll give it a try (Holtzy backs the car into the water and Brett hooks the boat up)

Brett: OK mate just take her forward nice and slow. ( Holtzy starts to edge forward and all four wheels immediatly break through the top crust of the sand and sink deep into the mud. The boys are now bogged big time.)

Holtzy: Oh No! The water is coming through the doors! We are in deep shit!!!! What is the tide doing??

Brett: It's coming in

Holtzy: @#@#@*#@##*#@#$ (Much swearing)

After a lot of digging and rocks and old bodyboards placed under wheels (The only reason Holtzy carries a bodyboard is for getting out of bogs) it becomes clear that the boys are really in trouble and the HGM travel wagon is looking pretty vulnerable. When out of the blue rocks up an old South African couple in a flash 4WD (You know the kind of people and car you would never expect to see off the highway let alone in the middle of nowhere). The old dude has an excellent snatch strap and within minutes he's pulled us out and saved the day. Meanwhile we are forced to eat humble pie at having the rough and tumble, hardcore HGM wagon pulled out of a bog by a flash new, scratch free, city car. A good clean and a couple of tins of CRC rust proof later and the HGM wagon was good as new. Oh and by the way the surf was pumping so it was well worth the risk of bogging the car to get the boat in the water to drive the couple of kilometers out to sea to surf them.

Photos above and below: Holtzy hits the panic button as his beloved HGM wagon risks becoming a new fishing spot