Wakeboarding at "The Ditch"


Story & Video by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

One of the great things about being on the road filming stories for HGMtv is that you get to see a lot of cool stuff but every now and then you get to see something really, really cool and “The Ditch” is one of those special places.
Situated in the small mining town of Waroona “The Ditch” is man made wakeboard paradise. A local farmer has dug a ditch about 400-500m long by about 20m wide and 2m deep. The West Oz Wakeboard association was gifted some sliders from last time the Gravity Games was held here and these have been spread out along The Ditch with a kicker at one end as well for some air time. The final piece of the puzzle is an old Nissan "Pulltara" complete with high pole and BBQ bolted on the back to tow the rider up and down "The Ditch".
The result is a little bit of wakeboard heaven in a place you would never expect to see it. Every weekend wake boarders from all over the state head for “The Ditch” to hang out, drink beer and rail some sliders. It’s a little slice of wake heaven and theres even a big old house that crew can stay at.
The house is actually the first house ever built in the area and back in the old days you used to ride your horse to the house to catch the stagecoach to Perth. Generations later it’s home to a bunch of ratbags who wakeboard for fun- I bet that house could tell some stories.
We shot a great story for HGMtv but you’ve got to wait until April 2009 to see it so in the meantime here’s a little taste of the action.
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