Latest Skate Story

The Brisbane Skate Sessions


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy & Steve Sommerfeld

Part of the mission briefing of the HGMtv East Coast road trip was to get some cool skate stories for the show.
Thanks to Greg Young (Who actually designed this website) we were able to hook up a cool crew of underground skate lords and check out some of the finer street locations around Brisbane.

Our first stop was a secret bowl that has been built under a guys house. Rob from Convict Skate Parks builds a lot of the skate parks around Queensland so it’s only natural he’d stick one under his house as well. It’s a bloody good bowl too and no doubt lots of skaters would dream of having something like that in their house.

Next stop was one of the local schools for some street skate action and then finally it was time to check one of the local parks. The boys took us to Deegan skate park near Brisbane airport which had more scooter riders than I had seen in all of my life. Beware- scooters are taking over the world haha

Anyway the stories turned out really good so thanks to all the crew who came along and ate some concrete for the HGMtv cause
Photos from the Brisbane Skate Sessions can be found here