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Sick HGMtv Helicopter Surf Tow Session

Screen shot 2012-05-11 at 5.45.23 PM.png

Written & Filmed by Holtzy
Helicopter provided by Specialist helicopters
It's been a good month or two for waves so what do you do for kicks when the conditions are perfect but the swells down?

Well the HGMtv crew decided it was time to gather the top West Oz junior surfers, a couple of jetski's and the sickest extreme sport helicopter pilot around then throw them at crystal clear, deep south beachies for an unforgettable session.

What would have normally been just a bit of fun turned into a high energy shred fest as Creed McTaggert, Dino Adrian, Tom Innes, Jack Robinson, Dan Corbett and Jethro Hedstrom all cut loose in the pristine green water.

The session was caught from every angle with Holtzy and legend surf photog Russell Ord covering the action from the chopper and Steve Dewell (film) and Luke Gerson (stills) scoring some gold from shore.

The preview clip tells the story but keep an eye out in the surf mags for some beautiful images from the day and a future episode of HGMtv for all the video gold.
In the meantime here's a few photos and frame grabs from the day.

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