When It All Goes Wrong


Story By Holtzy Photos by Luke Porcaro & Hugh Davis

We'd been tracking the swell for a week. A massive storm had formed off the coast of South Africa and methodically made it's way towards the south west tip of Western Australia pushing a huge swell before it. The weather predictions had it peaking at more than 35 feet sometime early Sunday morning but most likely the conditions were going to be just as radical as the swell ie big, bad and very nasty.

Desert Surf Mission


Story by Holtzy Photos by Demelza & Holtzy

Theres an area in the North West of Western Australia that is probably my most favourite place in the world. Over the years I have spent more than a year in total camped there in two week to four month stays. Just me in my little tent dealing with extreme heat, bitter cold, howling winds, dirt, dust, plagues of flies, swarms of moths, sharks, urchin infested razor sharp coral reefs, terrible corrugated roads but most importantly amazing surf, good fishing and many wonderful hours spent staring into a campfire talking with newfound friends.

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