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HGMtv House Demolishing Squad


Story & Photos by Holtzy
When a Mr Wayne Arther Kerr emailed us here at HGM and reckoned we weren't hardcore we thought it was time to pay Wayne Kerr a visit at his home to confront him and find out what his problem was.

Unfortunatly for Mr Kerr he wasn't home so we got on the phone to the crew at Bossen Apparel plus the Cause For Concern minibike team, hard rockers Death Dependant and our favourite all girls home demolishing team from Illicit Ink Promotions and called a party. The venue of course being Mr Kerr's currently unoccupied house somewhere in suburban Bunbury, West Oz.

Unique Skimboarding in the Aussie Bush


Question: What do you do when you live miles from the ocean and want to do water sports but lack any kind of propulsion be it car, boat or wind to get speed.

Answer: Grab a skimboard, learn to run really fast and build crazy arsed rails to slide.

Take A Tour Of HGM Headquarters


Photos by Alex Howell
So what did the HGM crew do with all the millions they made from the first series of HGMtv? Pimped it up of course with an epic 70's style three story porn pad complete with shagpile carpet on the walls and stairs.
We thought it was time we took you behind the scenes at the HGM Headquarters and there is no one better for the job than the sultry HGM Honey, Katie.

Vegas rips Bushy a new one!!!


When you hear the words Las Vegas you instantly think of endless money sucking Casino's, bright lights, fast cars and hot looking ladies that can't be trusted for shit. So to put it all into perspective I rounded up an elite crew of animal's too fire the HGM cannon into the heart of this very joint.

View the photos of this epic trip!



Story by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

Theres an urban underground story about a mythical massive full pipe somewhere in the Aussie bush. Every now and then a group of hardcore skaters would gather maps, supplies and their skateboards and trek off into the wilderness in search of the “APOCOLOOPS”. Some never returned…

Wakeboarding at "The Ditch"


Story & Video by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

One of the great things about being on the road filming stories for HGMtv is that you get to see a lot of cool stuff but every now and then you get to see something really, really cool and “The Ditch” is one of those special places.

Roaring Lion at "The Ditch"


HGMtv are stoked to have the support of the new kid in the Energy Drink Fridge- Roaring Lion- so we made this vid for a bit of fun

More Extreme Whale Sharking

30.4.2008 027.jpg

Story by Holtzy Photos by Ray and Nick

As a last minute decision to help fund the first series of HGMtv it was time for me to get back up to the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth (North West Australia) and chase Whale Sharks for one last season.

For those that don't know Exmouth is one of the few places in the world where the biggest fish on the planet- Whale Sharks- regularly appear at a set time allowing a pretty cool tourist industry to thrive.

Yellowfin With A Side Serve of Mako Shark


Long Rambling Fishing Story by Bushy

How good it is when you wake up on a Monday morning and know that you have got the whole day off, kick back, relax and basically do fark all.

Well that would be the case if you were a cardboard coloured nowheredopey, cause here at the HGM headquarters a day on the lounge just doesn't cut it -unless it was covered in baby oil and there is lots ofthe opposite sex's flesh getting swung around, luckily a pigeon hit the closed

She'll Be Right Mate!!!


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Brett "No Worries" Burkett

The conversation went something like this:

Brett: No worries Holtzy the sand is rock hard just back her into the water, I'll hitch the boat up and you drive straight out.

Holtzy: Are you sure Brett?"

Brett: Yeah no worries Holtzy look. (Brett jumps up and down on the sand to demonstrate how hard it is)

Holtzy: OK mate if you say so we'll give it a try (Holtzy backs the car into the water and Brett hooks the boat up)

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