Sick HGMtv Helicopter Surf Tow Session

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Written & Filmed by Holtzy
Helicopter provided by Specialist helicopters
It's been a good month or two for waves so what do you do for kicks when the conditions are perfect but the swells down?

Well the HGMtv crew decided it was time to gather the top West Oz junior surfers, a couple of jetski's and the sickest extreme sport helicopter pilot around then throw them at crystal clear, deep south beachies for an unforgettable session.

HGMtv House Demolishing Squad


Story & Photos by Holtzy
When a Mr Wayne Arther Kerr emailed us here at HGM and reckoned we weren't hardcore we thought it was time to pay Wayne Kerr a visit at his home to confront him and find out what his problem was.

Unfortunatly for Mr Kerr he wasn't home so we got on the phone to the crew at Bossen Apparel plus the Cause For Concern minibike team, hard rockers Death Dependant and our favourite all girls home demolishing team from Illicit Ink Promotions and called a party. The venue of course being Mr Kerr's currently unoccupied house somewhere in suburban Bunbury, West Oz.

HGMtv Crew Score Monster Barrels at "Black Rainbow"

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Story and screen grabs by Holtzy
After years of studying weather charts and quite a few failed missions the HGMtv crew finally scored bigtime at a secret surf spot somewhere in the south west.

"Black Rainbow" is one of the heaviest waves in the world with it's super cold water combination of size, power, remoteness and distance from shore together with the regular visits from White Pointers mean just the bravest of the surf crazy men tackle this beast.

Surf's Been Pumping in West Oz


Story, photos & Video by Holtzy

Over the past couple of months plenty of swell has been pounding Western Australia and the HGMtv team has been all over it.
First it was back to back swells in the north west then a clean 15ft swell at the bombie's around Margaret River. Throw in a good day at "The Box" with Dino Adrian, micro grom Jack Robinson and Mark Brandis and things were looking as good as they can get.

But suddenly another big swell was due to smash the north west so it was back into the HGM battle truck for the long journey north again.

New talent discovered at the Valyside ‘Under the Fender’ Freestyle MX Coaching clinic

Coaching group - Valyside.jpg

Western Australian clothing brand; Valyside Apparel, hosted the impressive first Freestyle MX coaching event on Saturday, July 9th, and in doing so, discovered the next generation of Freestyle MX stars with S & S FMX Coaching’s Matt Schubring and Steve Sommerfeld.

The sold-out freestyle coaching event exceeded all expectations, and delivered not just a great course, but a relaxed environment that each of the riders were inspired to learn new aspects of jumping, trick development and some riders learning to jump a Freestyle ramp for their first time.

HGM Honeyz Search For Big Desert Barrels


Story, photos and video by Holtzy
With a couple of the worlds best female surfers in town- Hawaii’s Keala Kennelly and Yallingup’s Claire Bevilacqua- and a big swell on the way the HGMtv crew were always going to go hunt for the best surf possible. This time they scored big times…

FMX Session at Billy Hepi's


Story, photo's & video by Holtzy
West Oz FMX underground guru Billy Hepi's compound is the best location in the state for the boys to get together for a FMX jam session so it was long overdue for the HGM team to pay a visit to capture the action.

HGMtv Search For Big Barrels

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Story and Photos by Holtzy
With a big swell forcast the HGMtv crew loaded the HGM Battle Truck full of surfboards and camera gear, hitched a jetski and got on the road in search of a mythical huge right hand tube.

We drove through the night and thought we might be onto something pretty secret until we stumbled across the entire Red Bull team and Discovery Channel crew with the same plan in mind.

First Tect of Epic New QLD Bikepark

AMuzzaPiic copyright 2011 (6 of 8).jpg

For the past couple of years legend Oz FMX star Steve Sommerfeld and Matt Schubring have been working behind the scenes with the Queensland Government, Motorcycling Queensland and many other helpers to get a new bike park off the ground and running in Queensland.

The boys had to swap riding gear for suits and dirt jumps for concrete pavements to get things rolling but it's starting to pay off.

Motorcycling Queensland, the operators of Australia’s newest trail bike riding park at Wyaralong, Queensland, hosted over 200 trail riders at the 745-hectare site on Sunday March 27.

Unique Skimboarding in the Aussie Bush


Question: What do you do when you live miles from the ocean and want to do water sports but lack any kind of propulsion be it car, boat or wind to get speed.

Answer: Grab a skimboard, learn to run really fast and build crazy arsed rails to slide.

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