Kimberley Jay

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If you've seen a smoking hot blonde lurking around the FMX shows in West Oz lately then chances are you've seen Kimberly Jay. 23 yr old Kim, a research officer in Perth, is the better half of up and coming West Oz FMX rider Brayden Davies who loves nothing better than watching her man bust big over 75ft.

Kirsty Gray


One of our longest serving Homegrown Honeyz is 22 year old Kirsty Gray from Mandurah. She's been a big supporter of the HGM cause and starred in our 2007 Narrogin Rev Heads DVD. These days she runs her own promotions company "Illicit Ink Promotions" all while looking after her new bub...



Well it's been far to long since we've profiled a new Homegrown Honey according to all the feedback we get through the site and lucky for all of us the stunning 24yr old Jenna-Lee from Mill Park has been kind enough to send through some pics and a bio. Thanks Jenna...

Josh "Sheeny"Sheehan


Story by Holtzy. Pics by Bushy, Craig Chiswell, Pauly Doyle, Philip Lycholit, Simon Makker & Holtzy
Josh “Sheeny” Sheehan is the best FMX rider West Australia has ever produced and he is fast making his name as one of the best FMX riders in Australia.

Haley Rivers


Haley Rivers the 19yr old Law Student from Adelaide is just about every dirt bike riders dream woman. She's smart, digs tattoo's, isn't scared of hucking ramps on her dirt bike and dreams of one day nailing the back flip. A true Homegrown Honey theres a good chance you will be seeing a lot more of Haley on Homegrown Maniacs tv in the future.

Leith "Holtzy" Holtzman


The driving force behind Homegrown Maniacs is Leith "Holtzy" Holtzman. His passion for action sports and his commitment to capturing the essence of the action is what makes HGMtv unique. He’s the guy hanging out of a chopper shooting Alfy getting smashed at Xbox or slogging sand dunes to get the best angles of Bushy and some moto boys as they cut loose. The hidden FMX compound the backyard skate park the big swell he’ll drive all night, shoot all day and cut the story in the motel room that night. When Holtzy turns up with the HGM crew everyone knows it’s on.



If theres a one man template that Homegrown Maniacs is based on then it’s got to be Justin “Bushy” Bush. He surfs, skates, rides FMX, races motocross and minibikes, snowboards, wakeboards, rides pigs, tongue kisses fish and big lizards and participates in just about every other idiotic hobby that you could name.



Anyone who actively chases 40ft waves for fun isn’t all there in most peoples opinion. Funnily enough most of these type of people are usually quiet, highly intelligent individuals and that’s Alex “Alfy” Cater in a nutshell although feed him enough beers and the “quiet” tag disappears and a larrikan to match Bushy appears.
Alfy is right up there among the big wave legends around the globe. He’s taken out some big wave awards and finished highly in others along with an award for the heaviest tube for a nuts wave he caught at “Cyclops” a few years back.



Krystal “Meth” Johnson is the surprise packet of the HGMtv crew. She loves her fast cars, doing burnouts and riding her dirtbike. Emerging from a diesel mechanic greasepit in Kalgoorlie to step in front of a camera with a microphone I didn’t expect much from the petite blonde. We threw her to the lions while making the 2007 Narrogin Rev Heads DVD and she killed it, talking turkey with V8 addicts and totally upstaging a bunch of bikini girls.

Tim Wood- BMX Vert Legend


Tim Wood is a true Aussie legend. 34 years young and he’s still one of the finest BMX Vert riders Australia has produced and still untill this day is one of the few people in the world who can pull off a 900 air. His home near Brisbane is truly a BMX riders paradise with an 11 foot halfpipe, a 14 foot halfpipe with 11 foot roll in plus a full indoor street course. All of which he built himself with a little help from friends.

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